Children’s eye tests

We know that an eye test can be a little bit frightening for a child, especially if it the first time they have had one. We take extra care to ensure your child is happy and at ease during the entire testing process, and explain everything in a way that they can easily understand.

Worried about how to explain an eye test to your kids? Try this…

“So, you know how our eyes are like cameras that help us see the world around us? Well, sometimes our eyes can have problems that make it hard for us to see clearly.

An eye test is like a check-up for our eyes. It’s when we visit an optician, who is a special type of doctor who takes care of our eyes. During an eye test, the optician will ask us to read letters or look at pictures on a chart across the room to see how well we can see things. They might also shine a bright light into our eyes to check how they react to light and look closely at our eyes to make sure they are healthy.

If the optician finds that we need some help seeing clearly, they might suggest that we wear glasses. These things can help our eyes see better and make things look clearer.

So, an eye test is really important to make sure our eyes are healthy and working the way they should be. And if they need a little bit of help, that’s okay too!”