Emergency eye care

If you notice a sudden change in your vision, it is vital to get an eye test as soon as possible. For advice on any eye care issue, please call us on 01766 512469 or call in – we will always see you if you have an eye care issue which needs immediate attention.

Whilst minor eye injuries, such as getting dust or shampoo in your eye, will often clear up within a day, more serious injury caused by a chemical or something penetrating the eye, must be treated immediately. These injuries include:

  • a strong chemical, such as oven cleaner or bleach, is in your eye – keep rinsing your eye with water while waiting for medical help
  • a sharp object has pierced your eye
  • something has hit your eye at high speed – for example, while using power tools or mowing the lawn
  • there are any changes to your sight after an eye injury
  • you have a headache, high temperature or sensitivity to light
  • you’re feeling sick or being sick after an eye injury
  • you cannot move your eye or keep it open
  • blood or pus is coming from your eye

You should go to A&E or call 999 if you have any problems of this nature.

If you are in any doubt about your eye health, please contact us.