Our Sustainability Policy

We are very passionate about our responsibility to protect our beautiful environment and the impact that climate change is having on our world. By embracing any ethical changes whenever we can we are doing our bit to help create a more sustainable future.
In 2019 the Welsh Government declared a climate emergency and in August 2021 the Welsh optometric committee became the first optical body in the UK to declare a climate emergency as well. As a practice we are proud to support the Welsh government and the Welsh Optometric committee in creating a more sustainable future for us all. In 2022 and 2023 our practice was proud to participate in the Welsh Greener Primary Care initiative and we were awarded silver! We are committed to learning about what we can do as both individuals and as a business to become more sustainable and create healthier habits.


As part of our journey to becoming a more environmentally friendly business we are reducing our waste, especially single use wherever possible, carbon footprint and energy consumption. We offer recall letters and appointment reminders by email to reduce paper usage. Our carbon footprint and energy usage are reviewed annually to see what changes we can make. We will be looking to update our lighting system to reduce our energy consumption further. All electrical appliances and lighting are switched off at the wall at end of each day to reduce energy consumption. Our energy usage is monitored by a smart meter and 100% of our electricity supplied comes from renewable sources.


All carboard boxes and packing materials are recyclable and reused by us or donated to a local business to be reused. We will be looking into sourcing even more sustainable stationery supplies and limiting our use of single use items wherever clinically possible. Spectacles sent to and from the labs are safely transported in reusable cases. Patients are welcome to bring in their own frames to us to be re-glazed and the environmental advantages of reusable contact lenses vs daily disposables are discussed with patients.
At collections patients are now asked if they need a new case or are if they are happy to reuse their old one.


All our recyclable waste is sorted into paper, plastic and glass recycling bins. We are currently sourcing options to recycle our soft plastics waste that is not reusable. We also use recycled paper and will continue to increase our use of recycled and recyclable stationery. All dummy and old spectacle lenses are collected and sent to RecycLine. Patients can bring in their old spectacles which are also sent to RecycLine who have so far diverted over 500 tonnes from landfill. We also collect used contact lenses which are sent to be recycled as part of the Acuvue Contact lens recycling programme. We offer spectacle cases made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and we are proud to stock sustainable spectacle frames from Eco Conscious which are made from biodegradable acetate and Sea 2 Sea which are made with 100% recycled plastic waste collected from the oceans.


As a business we feel it is our responsibility to continually learn and change whenever we can to create healthier habits for both people and the environment. Resources and training are provided to staff to raise awareness of environmentally friendly behaviours and healthier lifestyle choices. Tea and coffee offered in the staff room are either Fairtrade or Rainforest alliance certified. Suggestions on how the practise can improve are welcome from both staff members and the public. In the future we will continue to measure our sustainability and carbon footprint regularly and learn new ways in which we can operate more sustainably. Procurement will be reviewed regularly to ensure that we are using and offering more sustainable options and supporting other businesses in the optical sector who share our passion.